protecting your pc from bad files and unwanted downloads

The computer and internet has made research and looking for information an easy procedure as all one needs is knowledge of using the computer and internet. With this knowledge, it is possible to surf the internet to look for any and all information that is required by you for your work.

However, all this surfing of the internet may end up in the sites you visit being recorded in bad files in the PC. In addition to all your movies, documents and clippings being recorded in secret files in the hard disk of your computer, there is also a possibility of information you are not aware of being downloaded in the computer. This can sometimes be quite discriminating to you if unauthorized information is downloaded in the computer.

So the best thing that you could do to provide some protection and security from this happening is to install some of the software available in the internet. The internet eraser software is an internet eraser, privacy protector and system optimizer software program, which helps to protect your computer by erasing of all tracks. With internet eraser software, it is possible to erase your browser history, porn files eraser, address bar eraser and much more. With the download of the software, it is possible to scan your computer for free. And on scanning the computer, you are sure to get shocked at the amount of files, images and content that you find existing in the pc without your knowledge. Check this page to learn more on how to remove these type of files with a free scan.

With the help of internet eraser, it is possible for you to scan your computer for porn related tracks and popular browsers which can be deleted with a single click. The internet eraser software helps you remove banners and images that may download unwanted files on the PC and thus helps you clean your computer of these unnecessary downloads. The internet eraser software also helps to delete all the IE internet history files one by one instead of deleting all the files at a go. This way, you can retain the sites that you need, and erase the sites that you don’t actually need on the computer. Majority of the internet eraser software not only supports Internet Explorer

The internet eraser software also helps you delete your IE address bar history one by one. The reason this feature is beneficial is because sometimes, you may not have to delete all the address bar history at a go. It may be needed to keep the most frequently visited URLs in the address book for your quick access and only the unnecessary URLs will have to be deleted.

The Internet eraser software also allows PC users to remove and delete cookies from their computer. Cookies are special files that can spy on your personal information and all the activities you do on the website. It is not that all cookies are bad; there are some cookies that are good. So it is up to you to delete only the cookies that you don’t need and to retain the cookies that you need


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